How to create great employee information form

In a small business, managing employees seems to be easy. Human resource department can collect data one by one. However, what about a bigger business or a corporation with hundreds or thousands of employees? How can human resource department gather all information? It may take a huge time. What will you do to save time and money on getting all the information? With the development…

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Why and how to create a great contact form in WordPress?

Why you need a contact form on your website? Have you ever wondered why you need a contact form on your website? While it might seem easier just to display your email address, having a contact form is essential. In this article, we’ll share the reasons why having a contact form matters for your website, especially the e-commerce website Security Security is one reason why…

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Top 10 Free Business Cards Vector 2018 – Part 1

Top 10 free business cards template in vector, simple to add and custom your logo and information. All name card files are in vector file format, you can easily adjust information, color, redesign, and print with high quality. TL;DR: Download All business cards vector for FREE at the bottom of the page. Cooperate Business Card – Red style Corporate business card template, red style, show…

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Top 6 Multipurpose Forms Plugins On WordPress – 2018 Updated

If you need visitor information on your website, you need a contact form to do that Your event will be held soon. You need to collect the data of the participants to arrange the event more particularly How can you do that? The answer is an event online registration form Your company needs new talented candidates. A thousand of candidates CV can make your human…

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Tips to Boost Revenue on Your eCommerce Store

How to boost revenue on shoe eCommerce website? Straight to the point, are you tired of promotions, popups, banners, email marketings….etc? You have done a lot of things but the sales just keep going in the straight line? So, have you ever think that you just need to change the way to sell the products, then the sales will bloom? Today, the ideas will be…

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WordPress Demo Builder – Ultimate WP Demo Builder Plugin

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Either you are selling the WordPress related products in markets like Themeforest, Codecanyon or running your membership site, you must have the demo so your potentials customer can try it out before they buy. The problem comes up that sometimes your product will be a plugin or a theme that have massive backend functionalities, and you have to allow your customer try them out. So we…

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