How Do I Choose the Right eCommerce WordPress Theme?

Selecting The Perfect Theme for Your Blog determines the future of your site. Not only does a good theme make a good first impression on your user, but it helps your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, choosing the right eCommerce WordPress theme can be a pretty hard process, especially because there are so many great options to choose from. In this article, Wiseguys will share our expertise on picking a design that is right for your industry and your blog.

How Do I Choose the Right eCommerce WordPress Theme?

Choosing an eCommerce WordPress theme that relates to your business

It is the obvious point but the most important one as well. You should choose a theme that relates to your niche, industry or business. If your blog is about food, then don’t pick up a design that is oriented to technique. For the most blogger, the option is very simple as they choose a theme that is very generic and adds a logo that matches. This might not be a bad choice for someone with a small budget who is just starting out.

What the website is targeted?

It’s great that website designers make innovative and trendy themes, but it doesn’t work in some cases. Keep in mind that eCommerce sites have target markets. Some target markets might include entire demographics that don’t like “trendy” or “innovative” designs. Especially older male customers who prefer traditional templates. They just want to log in, shop then logs out and don’t want to get confused in new design elements or new ways of doing things.

For most other demographics, the name of the game is social

The key to owning a successful eCommerce website is to go social whenever, and wherever, it is possible. The best eCommerce template designs, then, are those that actively and repeatedly engage social networks on behalf of their customers.When it comes to shopping, most people prefer to do it in a social way.

Be sure to choose a template that integrates the Facebook “like” button, as well as buttons for posting new tweets, sharing to Google Plus, or emailing a product to a friend or family member. Bring this functionality into an eCommerce WordPress theme via a socially-enabled template, and the site’s success is likely to increase accordingly.

As simple as possible

There are many themes in the market that include a lot of complex features. It may be excellent in the display but might not be the best for the best functionality. We recommend you should choose a simple theme instead of fancy one for its ease of use and modification as well as the compatibility with browsers.

Check for browser compatibility

Always make sure that your new theme is compatible with all browsers. It’s critical that your theme is valid and cross browser compatible because you know you don’t leave anyone behind. Some people suggest that you shouldn’t worry about older browser if it doesn’t work. Almost designers are now ignoring the Internet Explorer compatibility altogether. There is still a significant number of people are still using Internet Explorer and other old browsers, so make sure to check for browser compatibility.

Choose a product-specific template

An eCommerce WordPress theme that has a product-themed design looks more knowledgeable and enthusiastic about its product. Customers will have no difficulty choosing what they need and be more satisfied with the high product optimization your website provides. And it builds a certain amount of trust that a more general design might not convey very well at all.


The documentation is useful in the first steps of installing or make it look exactly as the demo page. The questions you might want to ask:

Is the documentation easy to follow?

Is the documentation written for non-tech or technical guys?

Do the documentation has Video? Images? Tutorials?

What’s the last time documentation got updated? – How can you use a theme with WordPress version 5.0 but documentation written at version 4.0? It’s entirely different from the UI, appearances, buttons.

Finally, choose something usable

Whether the design is forward-thinking or traditional, socially-enabled or walled off, or even product-specific, it must be usable. Before deciding on any particular design, be sure to see it in action and use it yourself. If it’s easy to use and quick to load, it’s likely a winner for consumers, as well. If the opposite is true, the template should probably be left behind for something that is better designed, more efficient, and easier to use.

Our Recommendation

There are tons of themes for you to choose. But we recommend that you go for something that you will get guaranteed support for. And, as always, be sure that any chosen eCommerce WordPress theme enhances a business’s relationship with its customers and target groups. Together, it will help form a single, cohesive package that will propel the business toward success.


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