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Look at the title you might already know the purpose of this post. We will talk about a WooCommerce extension which will help you engage with your customer better & bring more sale to your online business. It’s WooCommerce Product Sticky Bar. Let’s rock.

This plugin working base on the idea that will help you increase sales for your WooCommerce store based. But from idea to reality is just far & different. To know why & how exactly the author of plugin made it. We have contacted Comfythemes Team, and got answered, well, they’re kind of “easy” to everyone, he!.



How does this plugin work to show the products?


This plugin is not an A.I program or Big data software, it’s just a small plugin that will show what you chose. The way it shows can the predefined by a shop owner. Currently, it’s offering the following kinds of products to show:

  1. Latest products
  2. Most viewed products
  3. Best seller products
  4. Featured products
  5. Viewed product (viewed by customer)
  6. Specific products
  7. Products from specific category

And on the single product page, you can either choose to show product detail or multiple products.

We have attached some screenshots from the actual site that used our plugin, and the testimonial too. Take a look by click to enlarge.



How you can be sure the plugin will work, I mean, actually bring you more sales.


The plugin has been through several A/B tested program. Despite you can see this plugin is small, but our main principle when making products is – do not sell useless things. That’s why we have to do A/B testing for all of our product, to make it worth for your money.

We made the comparison between our prototype and the default “WooCommerce Viewed Products”. We saw some problem of default widget:

  1. The widget will not show some page. Due to theme do not support sidebar on that kind of page.
  2. The widget does not show customized information – You have to re-write it by code – It’s not for everyone.
  3. No number of stock information, reviews and responsive
  4. It can be misunderstood with other widget and easily got fainted
  5. Customers hard to find the additional information and make a comparison to a current product they are viewing.

That’s the conclusion after we setup the default widget and asked 80 people – who made a website with us and running WooCommerce store. We didn’t talk by our self, our customer talked that, and we believe the conclusion is right.


We learned the M.V.P in product development from the startups. Which only provide the core & keys features in the products. After the measuring, we will improve it with the way user actually use it. That’s the roadmap which WooCommerce Product Sticky Bar will go.

In the released version, we can’t see it as an incomplete product, as it offers enough features to use.

We have planned to add more style & layout for this plugin. That mean you can change how the products on the bar look & feel.

The current version is displaying the bar on the top or bottom (it’s up to your choice) vertically. In the next version, we will find out a way to make the bar show horizontally.

Along with that layout option, we will mix some default style, where you can select just by one click and have the bar as you want quick & easy.

Also, if you find it’s hard to use a plugin or having any idea, just let us know. We will everything to be sure your idea will be available in next releases (of course it have to worth for everyone). Just mail us at support@comfythemes.com


So, after some emails, we knew these guys is doing things right. As my personal experience, to apply the M.V.P process in developing a product, it must take very serious about researching targets, people who using that product, what they want….oh it’s crazy as some time. Researching and planning to do a Minimum Viable Product just take time more than time to make that product from papers coming real.

You really should try this plugin for your site, and see how it work for you.


As Comfythemes author has granted us to share this plugin (no update in future), that’s a great news. You can easily grab this plugin by sign in with one of the following social platform. What are you waiting for?

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