Simple, Lightweight & Easy WordPress Cache

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There are many WordPress cache plugins to help you increase loading speed for your site, but to choose the WordPress cache plugins that actually work & easy to use for non-tech savvy is a different story.

In this article, WPWiseGuys would like to show you the way to beat that enemy through a couple of WordPress cache plugin: WP Super Cache and Autoptimize. All are free to download from the official WordPress plugin repository.

Simple, Lightweight & Easy WordPress Cache

WP Super Cache

What WP Super Cache really is?

WP Super Cache is one of the best static WordPress cache plugins for small and medium websites. It creates HTML files which are directly served by Apache without processing relatively heavy PHP scripts. By using this plugin, your blog’s load speed will increase significantly.

WP Super Cache is the great choice if you need a WordPress cache that has full of necessary and strong features to be used. It now also has the top number of users in the world. Besides its basic cache format and optional-for-caching features, WP Super Cache also provides you with the easy way to use CDN without knowing a line of codes. This is the wonderful choice for those who are new to WordPress.

By far, we also have another WordPress cache plugin which is W3 Total cache, but it is quite hard to configure and if you’re a non-tech guy. We recommend not to mess with it. As W3 Total cache should be used while you are using a VPS or dedicated server.

WP Super Cache Settings

Set up WP Super Cache

First, you open the file wp-config.php and insert the part below under <?PHP which is at the top of the file.

Activate WP Super Cache

In some cases, when getting access to Settings -> WP Super Cache you will see this notification:

This notification means the file wp-config.php hasn’t had the part define( ‘WP_CACHE’, true ) yet. But if the file in the state CHMOD is 644, it will automatically write this. Therefore, you just need to click “Update Status”, it will update and the notice hides.

To activate WP Super Cache, You choose Caching On in Easy tab and click “Update Status”.

Activating WP Super Cache

Then to check if this WordPress Cache Plugin is on or not, get accessed to the website by other browsers (not sign in the website) and press Ctrl + U to see the source of your web, drag down to bottom and see whether it has the same part below. If so, you are successful.


If you are interested in optimizing your website’s loading speed, you might know about Pagespeed Insight – a tool for webmaster monitor and ranking your speed score from 0 to 100. If you do not know that, here’s the link for your convenience.

Google Pagespeed Insight:

You can go there and enter your website’s URL, then the page will analyze the contents of your web, and offer you the way to boost the load speed by minimizing JS, CSS,…,compressing HTML. That’s what Autoptimize will do for you.


By default when you installed WP Super Cache, it does not have the minifying functions. Such as minifying HTML, CSS, combining CSS & J, forcing JS files to load on headers….That’s why you need AUTOPTIMIZE

This is a plugin helping very much to speed up your website. It saves bandwidth by aggregating and minimizing JS, CSS, and compressing HTML. Those features aren’t available in WP Super Cache.

Just imagine your website has many JavaScript files when the page is loaded, the file is pulled by it. Each file downloaded will increase a request. Therefore, this WordPress Cache Plugin will compress all the files into one and load in just one single time, similar to the CSS files. It also removes the white space in this file, reducing the load on the server, increases the website’s load speed.

Autoptimize enables you to optimize your site really easily. It links all scripts and styles, minifies and compresses them, adds expires headers, caches them and moves styles to the page heading and can move scripts to the footer. It also minifies the HTML code itself, making your page really lightweight. There are advanced options and an extensive API available that you can tailor Autoptimize to every site’s specific needs.

Simple settings

This WordPress Cache is very easy to use. You just run it, tick in each box, that’s all. We recommend a tip that after the plugin has compressed CSS and JS, you download it and upload again, then uninstalling is ok.

Here’s the score of WP WiseGuys before & after installing

Simple, Lightweight & Easy WordPress Cache

Simple, Lightweight & Easy WordPress Cache

You see, the load speed of our page is improved from 1.4s down to just 3.98s. The site is also much more lightweight than it was before. Let’s try and enjoy the miracle!

Final words

SET UP the two now to own a boosting website! You will see the stunned results that WordPress Cache Plugins bring both to your page’s SEO and its load speed.

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Make WordPress faster with Super Cache and Autoptimize!

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