WooCommerce Update: Guider Feature

On the most recent update of WooCommerce – Version 2.5.5, there’s a totally new featured added for better user experience (UX). With this function, to whom use WooCommerce for the first time, they will know how to use it better & faster learning.

New WooCommerce’s Feature: Guider

We called it’s guider, because it will show the popups that corresponding to each element on the screen when you create new product for the first time. It only show once, so you won’t be botherd next time (if you want to show it again, go to the end of article)

Here’s some screnshot from the very fresh site I installed on localhost with WooCommerce activated.

This new guider features not only show new users how to use it friendly but also show that since WooCommerce is bought by Automatic company, it’s being improved in the better ways. By along the site with WordPress, UX – UI of WooCommerce has changed quite much, the contributors & developers put the features request into reality.

It also pointed out the invisible thing – if you can feel. It’s about WooCommerce will be a part with WordPress revolution – we will talk about this in next post.

How to show guider – tutorial again?

If you passed the tutorial, but somehow you want to show it again, how to do that? Here you go.

On the address bar, you will notice there’s a param called &tutorial=true. So, on the URL when you edit product – put that param to the end of the URL, the tutorial will show again.

It will look like this:

WooCommerce Update: Guider Feature

This guider will help you to show the finished site to your clients better, more professional & saving time to write documentations, how to use guide…Well done, WooCommerce!

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