Pros & Cons in hiring freelance WordPress Developer

If you are running a web development agency that uses WordPress most of the time, you might understand how hard to find a WordPress Developer – who really WORK.

Why I say “really work”, because you can hire someone who KNOW WordPress, like installing, customize themes, plugins, easy PHP tasks…That’s absolutely easy, but finding a WordPress Developer who can make a WordPress theme from scratch or build a plugin…that’s a whole different story, then standardize the structures to compatible with WordPress’s rule…oh that’s even crazier.

Me – From WordPress Developer to Business path

I think we should know a little about me. I have worked with WordPress since version 2.4 till now, almost 5 years now. My life mostly depends on WordPress, I have worked from WordPress Developer to Project Manager then come to Team leader and finally – a company – with WordPress of course.

We do most of the works from designing to coding, QA,…in-house. But sometimes we just overload and have to outsource some part of works – freelancer will be the best solution here. And the problems, troubles come from here.

The pros when you outsource WordPress tasks

Writing about pros, I will provide information base on my experience and what I see, so it’s a personal point of view, if you see some of the idea different from you, feel free to post a comment your view.

Pros 1: Timeline & due date

While working in-house, you can’t push everything so fast, the limitation of each worker, or your colleague is pre-defined. If you push them too hard, they will be broken.

With the freelancer, they live mainly on that, and we respect the due date of the project. When you give the project with the due date, freelancer already knew he has to finish it before that, else they wouldn’t get paid.

That mean your project will meet deadlines & you can save some time for yourself to do the other things.

Pros 2: Acceptable final works

As you will see, each freelancer will have different skill set & level. With different level, they will provide you different works. Some will miss a piece of detail in PSD file, some validate the need to be done…But it’s acceptable works because you can’t expect someone will provide you excellent work while you have the budget (surely you will not spend $1000 in designing a simple 1-page template, right?)

Pros 3: Long time works mean lower budget

Most of the freelancer, if they spend all their time on make & meet on with WordPress freelance jobs, they will need a long-term agency who will provide them works regularly.

While standing as a client to that freelancer, you will have some kind of higher negotiate position, like lower budget, dedicated support, fast support time…etc. For me, it’s fair if I provide a freelancer long-term works, then receive something back, win – win, right?

Pros 4: A test for full-time position

If you are looking for a WordPress developer for the fulltime position, but the trouble is you do not know much about him, how he works…etc. So giving some small tasks as a freelance job, you will know more about him.

Time by time, we will collect enough information for deciding if he is the best candidate for that full-time position.

This tips always works for me, especially when you do not rush in hiring, even you feel he does not suit to that position, you still can keep contact & work as the freelancer, then back to Pros 3 ;).

Things you have to take when outsourcing

My father said: “Everything has its price”. That’s always true, and same to you when you decide to outsource your in-house tasks. Just accept it.

Cons 1: Communication

The communication problem usually comes from the communication skills of freelance or WordPress developer.

When you provide brief information about your project, the words you use is your word, from your experience & knowledge and what you want on that project – things you want to archive to.

But what will developer understand is different, so you must be kind of really specific and use easy to understand words, else, either you will get wrong direction works or explain your idea again.

Cons 2: Just disappear & no reply

Yeah, nightmare, totally!

I have the trouble like that with a freelancer from India (I do not mean the entire developer in India will so, this is a fact I have experienced).

I hired him through a freelance network (Upwork – BTW), profile quite good, 5 stars rating…I agreed with his offer & spent quite much time to talk with him.

After 5 days, the due date comes nothing, no one there. And I had to contact my clients for delaying the project, that shop owner pissed off and cancel the contract.

Yeah, that’s kind of nightmare you have to accept, even just little chance to happen.

Cons 3: Sloppy works

If you are a picky guy, and you meet a really high-quality freelancer, that’s fine. But it would be a mess if you provide just detailed information & your requirements, but when you look at what he do, you just want to…ugh!!

Let’s take some example: do not escape properly (for avoiding cross-script attack or SQL injection), no text-domain, hard-coded fields & custom fields, override template manually,…

It’s just…frustrating when I have to point out one by one mistake like that. Also, it will take time for fixing…etc.


If you have heard about “opportunity cost”, then you will understand how you have to take and what you will get when hiring freelance WordPress Developer.

My little tip is: If you have a lot of requirements, just tell exactly what you want to do, it would better for you in later.

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