Best 5 WordPress Migration Plugins

There are many reasons that you might want to migrate your website. It may be the slow service of your web’s host, you get tired of awful support or you may wish to clone an installation to speed up your site.

However, the moving process is rather complex. You will risk losing the data and messing things up if carrying out incorrectly. Therefore, you need to find a WordPress Migration Plugin to help you solve this problem and cut down a great deal of time to move your website.

Here is the list of 5 best WordPress Migration Plugin that WPWiseguys would like to recommend to you. We hope that this list will satisfy your need.


Best 5 WordPress Migration Plugins

BackupBuddy is a popular premium plugin for moving a WordPress site to a new host or domain. With this plugin on your site, you don’t need to know a line of codes to set it up but just follow the on-screen prompts. The provided ImportBuddy script will take care of migrating URLs and file paths in posts, settings and configuration files.

Since this WordPress Migration plugin is premium, it’s much easier for you to get support. There is a lot of documentation available while free version doesn’t always offer. For those who would like to use it only for Backup purposes, it allows multiple offsite storage options where site owners can create their sites’ backup on Dropbox, Amazon Web Services, etc.

Price: $80/year for 2 sites


Duplicator is one of the most popular plugins in the WordPress Plugin repository. It has an overall 4.9-star  satisfaction rating and 500.000 active installs, which proves to be a powerful tool for any website administrator who wants to go beyond simply migrating their web. You are able to duplicate, clone, backup, move and transfer an entire site from one location to another.

No matter how popular this WordPress Migration plugin is, using it needs “above average” technical expertise. If you’re new to WordPress, you may consider looking for professional support in your first time using the plugin.

Price: Free Version or Premium version with 49$

All-in-one WordPress Migration

All-in-one WordPress Migration is another great alternative for you in WordPress Migration Plugin list. It comes with 4.7-star satisfaction rating and is the first plugin that offers true mobile experience on WordPress versions 3.3 and up. More than 7000 downloads and counting, not one person has said bad things about it.

With the support of this plugin of free version, you can easily migrate your site from one place to another. It leaves out unnecessary steps and extra options, provides you the straightforward interface. With the premium version, it may add up some steps but generally, it is well worth that price if you need full migration capability.

Price: Free version or Premium Version ranging from $59 to $179


Backwpup is well-known for its backups of your WordPress installation. It’s a free and easy way to keep your website backed up. BackWPup provides good, easy-to-follow instructions as well as provides an intuitive dashboard. It is very straightforward to use when setting up backup options.

One of the initial reasons BackWPup is your option is that it backs up the database and the site files. Plus, there is a myriad of storage options for the backup files. It enables you to send the backup file via FTP, send to dropbox, or send to other common cloud storage options.

Moreover, you can run the job to backup the database and files while doing WordPress update or doing major changes to the site. One more benefit that you can also exclude specific file extensions as well as include site critical files (wp-config.php, robots.txt, .htaccess, etc.)

This free version will not be supported as good as the BackWPup Pro version. With premium version, you will get the first class support and more features.

Price: Free version or Premium version ranging from $75 to $190

WP Clone

Best 5 WordPress Migration Plugins

WP Clone is also another advisable WordPress Migration Plugin that WPWiseguys would like to recommend to you. It has received great reviews on WordPress Plugin Repository with more than 200.000 active installs and an overall 4.2-star satisfaction rating.

This plugin allows you to move your WordPress site to a new domain or hosting server. You can also create copies of your WordPress site, backup it and install pre-configured WordPress versions.

WP Clone provides you with useful features for a moving or copying your web very quick and easy. It doesn’t require FTP access to the original site and just copies the user’s content and the database, not the WordPress system’s files, which improves security and speeds the process.

Consider WP Clone as an option and get out of worry about migrating your web!

Price: Free


Migrating your website is no problem with above WordPress Migration Plugins we have concerned. Your precious time as well as effort will be saved, the relief of knowing your data is intact encourages you to set up a Migration Plugin.

If you’ve chosen any of the plugins we recommended above, we’d love to hear about your experience. Did we miss any good Migration Plugin that you think should be considered? Let us know if you have any suggestions. For more information on how to build a strong WordPress site, let’s follow and support our posts. WPWiseguys would be very thankful for your visiting!

ELIMINATE all hassle and TRY OUT those great WordPress Migration Plugins!




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