WordPress Booking Solution – Ticket and Booth Reservation for Event

How you ever wonder if a WordPress website can have a system for selling events ticket or booth reservation in fair? The answer is yes if you can combine the following free WordPress booking plugin. Take your wonder as a math question; we will solve it step by step.

To address the problem, I will divide the subject into two parts: selling tickets in WordPress and booth reservation in WordPress.

Selling tickets in WordPress

WordPress is a robust platform for three things: support community, plugins, themes. You can easily find your solutions by just one click in WordPress Plugin Library. Sometimes it needs more than one plugin to achieve it.

To turn WordPress into ticket booth, we need a plugin for “booking” but with some specialized for a better experience of the user than the others. There’re two types of booking you can use.

WordPress Booking Plugins for general purpose

Usually, those plugin is used for multipurpose, so they can’t have the specific features that an Event booking should have. But the main idea of booking is we will know the detailed information of the customer, the date they want to meet us or attend our events.

If you want to use a plugin and can apply it as multi-form on many places on your site, you should choose the following option. It still has the main idea of booking and somehow can be useful for Events, just not in-depth.

Pinpoint Booking System – FREE (PBS)

WordPress Booking Solution - Ticket and Booth Reservation for Event
Default calendar views with booking fields

PSB is a bad-ass booking system that offers the free version on the market. You can create as many calendar view and book for each date in your calendar with the different price. Your user can pay for the “seat” or “ticket” on arrival or by Paypal.

This booking system allows you to embed the calendars you created by Shortcode so you can place it in many locations that don’t need to touch the source code, such as pages, posts, widget, footer, home page.

If you want to integrate this multipurpose WordPress booking plugin with WooCommerce, you won’t need to as it’s already done by the author. You can embed the form of booking with the calendar to your product in a few steps.

WordPress Booking Solution - Ticket and Booth Reservation for Event
WordPress Booking Plugin – WooCommerce Supported

For sure we can’t demand too many features as the PRO version have, you get what you pay for. So to me, PinPoint still has the limitation of Free version, but it should be enough for your simple requirements as a booking system for WordPRess.

The Events Calendar –  WordPress Event Plugin

In contrast with PBS plugin above, The Events Calendar offer you the out of the box in features for an event Website. The name said its own; it’s dedicated to building for Events. You can easily find its features such as:

  1. Events articles (same to your blog article)
  2. Pre-built styles so you won’t need to style it by yourself
  3. A canlendar view to click on and go to event detail
  4. Connect with Google Calendar
  5. Have add-ons to sell ticket (free too)

The most saving time of this plugin is it offer the pre-made styles; that mean you just need to install it and use, no need to care about how it will look.

WordPress Booking Solution - Ticket and Booth Reservation for Event
The Event Calendar with Monthly view

You can imagine The Event Calendar is a plugin help you to create and show Events on your WordPress site, to enable Ticket reservation, you need this standalone plugin: Event Tickets

Event Tickets – Event Reservation Plugin for WordPress

Event Tickets is a standalone plugin which can both work with/without The Event Calendar.

When you install Event Tickets only, it will create the friendly user’s interface for you to create the schedules and a form to reserve. All the information of reserve will be managed in your Dashboard; each reservation should work as an “Order” like WooCommerce’s Order.

But when you combine it with The Event Calendar, you can allow your visitors/customer reserve the seats for each Event right away on the event detail page, like this:

WordPress Booking Solution - Ticket and Booth Reservation for Event
Enable reservation right on Event detail

The Event Calendar and Event Tickets both created by the same author – Modern Tribe, and in my observation, all the plugins or products of this author have the well-written documentation and supporting through the community.

Also, Modern Tribe’s product is developers friendly; that mean it has the hooks, filters, and actions that you can use to add more functions or easily modify the output of the plugin. All can be done without touching the source code, and the modification will remain after you upgrade the plugins.

WordPress Booking Solution - Ticket and Booth Reservation for Event
Well documented from the author

More interactive with seat/booth reservation floor plan

What the heading mean? It means if you have a map of positions or floor plan of your event – where the customer will reserve for booths, you will need to show to the client. Luckily, we already have a plugin – free as usual!!

Draw-Attention – Point of Interest WordPress plugin

WordPress Booking Solution - Ticket and Booth Reservation for Event
Floorplan marker on WordPress – More attention and professional

With this plugin, you can upload your floor plan image and mark each section/area on the picture with particular information – called Marker.

Each marker will have its detailed introduction of that seat, booth so it’s easier for customer imagine how it will look if they hire that booth for the upcoming pair. In the introduction, we also can put a link to our event detail or directly link to our booking page which embeds WordPress booking shortcode that we used from the plugins above.

WordPress Booking Solution - Ticket and Booth Reservation for Event
Interactive booth floor plans for WordPRess

Markers & floor plan will help you a lot in making a transparency push to your customer decision, where they will know how and where their booth will appear. It might increase your conversion rate, although it’s not tested with the precise numbers or the percent will increase, but in my opinion, it should be!

All high recommendation has been proposed – Conclusion

So we have been through total three plugins in this post to get your WordPress booking site working correctly for Events or multipurpose WordPress booking.

While the plugins are free of charge but it has the limitations in features, but it’s all good for a simple start of WordPress booking site, no matter it’s for event or seat reservation.

In my experience, I have tried a lot of WordPress booking system, but they’re no ones like the two I have shown you, believe me, you won’t need to change your mind after you try it.


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