8 Plugins a Pro Developer Must Know

Developing blog or site, it’s vital to have special tools that will help to make the process easier and faster. With the support of WordPress plugins, you can implement almost any task.

WordPress plugins facilitate and accelerate program’s work, allow improving the program. For this, you even do not need to touch the source code.

Plugins for this article were selected by following criteria: they must be useful and convenient in functionality, they should work stable, they have the latest updates, and they must be free.

So, here is the new set of WordPress plugins that will help to speed up development and deployment stages of the site creating process.

Accelerated Development Stage

Toolset Types

8 Plugins a Pro Developer Must Know

Every site has its structure. Very often you need to create separate post types for different content.

There are two ways to make it: write your code or use the particular plugin. Of course, the second way is faster and more productive.

Toolset Types offers a comprehensive solution for adding custom fields, taxonomies, custom post types, etc. Also, it can be added to users’ sites. Its access control function decides what users can see and edit.

Types can create relations between different post types and in this way, you can manage all your post types at one place. Such convenient functionality favorably distinguishes Tools Types among other plugins.

Ajax Load More – Infinite Scroll

8 Plugins a Pro Developer Must Know

This plugin is an effective way to implement pagination with the asynchronous loading of new posts.

With Ajax Load More you can add the Load More button, which allows the user to upload following posts without refreshing the page.

In another word, it helps to do an endless scroll of all post types on your site fast and easy. You can save each as a shortcode and show it anywhere on your page.

You can choose scroll of pages, posts, media files, pictures, chat, audio, links, galleries, videos, etc. Just configure primary settings, you will have your beautiful infinite scroll page.

Shortcodes Ultimate

8 Plugins a Pro Developer Must Know

Shortcode Ultimates – WordPress plugin that allows you to add more than 40 shortcodes for quick insertion in the post, such as buttons, lists, tabs and so on.

It provides extensive functional additions for a fascinating articles design.

For example, you want to add a button on your page. With Shortcodes Ultimate you can customize size, appearance, animation, etc.

Or another example, you have a citation, but you need to customize it. In plugin settings, you can set citation style, citation alignment, text color, background color.

Shortcodes Ultimates consists of 40 codes that operate virtually everything on your blog. And it does it all in just a few clicks.

The plugin helps to create interesting, colorful and attractive content. Followers will appreciate it.

Theme Check

8 Plugins a Pro Developer Must Know

Each created theme should meet the requirements. Checking of themes, which pretend to get into WordPress directory, takes a lot of time. Full quality control may last few weeks. To make this process faster, you can employ Theme Check plugin.

This plugin automatically tests your theme for compliance with WordPress standards. Plugin scans all your theme files and checks the code. If it finds an error, it shows you problematic line in the code and gives advice how to remedy the situation. Also, Theme Check provides useful links that could help to solve the problem.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

8 Plugins a Pro Developer Must Know

In our list, this plugin is one of the most popular. It has a high rating, and for a long time has been popular among users. It has 1 million active installs

Page Builder has many advantages. It’s free, straightforward and functional WordPress pages builder.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin extends the capabilities of the standard editor. It is a simple tool for creating complex, nonstandard pages and blog entries.

Flexibility to accommodate different functional blocks of content on pages and posts allows developing site faster.

This page creator includes a large number of ready-made sets of templates. You need only add and modify it according to your needs.

Also, you can add your blocks, single column, multiple columns, rows, widgets, and layouts ready for every taste and color.

You can download additional plugins, which will serve as supplements.

Advanced Custom Fields

8 Plugins a Pro Developer Must Know

Advanced Custom Fields – a free plugin for adding custom fields to the post.

It also has 1 million active installs and the highest score in ratings.

In WordPress standard post settings are very limited. Of course, the user easily can create well-looked posts there, but usually, we want to make the unique design to distinguish it among other posts.

Advanced Custom Field can transform the site and create custom fields for posts, pages, categories, taxonomies, users, marks and other parts of the site.

With this plugin, you can fully set all properties and settings for each custom field. Furthermore, plugin capabilities can be extended by other plugins.

Deployment Stage


8 Plugins a Pro Developer Must Know

There is always the likelihood that sooner or later you will have to move your site to another hosting, domain, local server, make a mirror site, backup, etc. In this case, that is moving WordPress from localhost to hosting.

The process of migration to new domain temporarily affects your rankings and traffic in search engines. That’s normal situation. However, you can significantly reduce the adverse effects of the migration process.

All this can be done by using WordPress plugin – Duplicator – a couple of minutes and you do not need to know all tricks of the WordPress site replacement and don’t need to write some special codes.

Instead of old update URLs to new URL, replace the internal links from old URLs to your posts to new URLs in MySQL or PHPMyAdmin, this plugin will have all things done just in 5 seconds.

WP Pusher

8 Plugins a Pro Developer Must Know

In your development process, you might use SVN or GIT to manage the source code flawlessly. By default, when you want to deploy the committed source code to live page or staging page, you must copy or upload new files. But how about just commits, WP Pusher will do the deployment?

WP Pusher allows you to add new plugins and themes from SVN services such as Bitbucket or Github; you just need to put the right branch so that Pusher will listen from that branch and do the rest.

Imagine every time you make a commit to “live” branch, all the updates will be done automatically, how productive!!! This plugin has some addon like Slack integration when it’s deployed successfully, a notification will be sent to your slack channel, so everyone related to that project will know. It’s cool, right?.


By using the plugins above, your workflow can be faster and your productivity will increase that proved in reduced time. The plugins above is used and tested by WPWISEGUYS in our development process. If you doubt about the plugins, just give it a try, you won’t regret your time on those plugins.

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