WordPress Calypso: Support Post Types – Beta

If you remember the article about WordPress Calypso – A desktop APP to for managing the writing and multisite management becomes much easier. In the post, I have told about Calypso do not support post types and meta box, but it’s changing now.

Custom Post Type Supported

As stated, WordPress core team is testing by releasing a feature in Jetpack setting, under Writing. When to enable, it will show “Testimonial” and “Portfolio” post types on your WP-Calypso.

WordPress Calypso: Support Post Types - Beta

You do not need to register new post type as Jetpack already did that. You just need to enable that feature.

Although it’s not the official, I think it’s the very first step of WordPress to support Custom Post Type and future is meta box for developers as a lot of themes and plugin having created post types and added its meta box there.

By supporting custom post type, it will be a significant support to developers, WordPress itself just post and pages, the developers turned WordPress into multipurpose CMS with Custom Post Type and Custom Meta.

Hopefully, soon, we will hear CPT will be fully supported in Calypso.

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