WordPress 5.0 – Evolution and Revolution

Is WordPress taking a Revolutionary Step? These Security, Content and Developer Plugins are Pointing Something Big.

At this moment, WordPress 4.7 Beta is ready for testing and soon, it will be released after a few commits. But I think we should talk about version 5.0, which I guess will be a huge thing that you never expected.

What I’m going to show you can blow your mind, so be ready.

“Hidden” WordPress Beta Plugins

WordPress Plugin’s library has a Tab of Plugin called Beta. WordPress Team stated:

The plugins listed here are proposed for a future version of WordPress. They are under active development.
You can try them out, provide feedback, or join one of the development teams.

I say “hidden” because it’s not used by most of WordPress Users, although it is put right on WordPress Plugin Home it does not attract people, like me, I don’t know it’s existed until an accident.

But If WordPress Team has said as above so I think I should try each plugin and let you know how the thing goes. I have organized the Beta plugins into the categories. Let’s see what’s they are.

WordPress Security Plugins

Open source can help your product grow fast with the contributors around the world, but that will come up with exploits also. The last zero-day exploits of WordPress from XML-PRC remote brute force to XSS from comment forms has made WordPress users worry about the secure of WordPress.

In the effort of hardening WordPress compound and against the bad-boys, WordPress soldiers have done new security plugins, which will be available in WordPress next versions.


This plugin helps the webmasters to keep their website secure using two-factor authentication. If you never hear about two-factor, you can read it here.

Two-factor authorization is not new to WordPress community as a lot of plugins has the same functional or even better, but I think the father of WordPress should understand it and follow the strict guidelines.

Two-factor security plugin when enabled, it will add the new settings to your profile. It will look like this.

WordPress 5.0 - Evolution and Revolution

Two-factor provide four authorization methods at the moment, it includes:

  1. Email Authorization
  2. Google Authenticator mobile APP
  3. Security Keys from 3rd devices
  4. Backup Verification Code – One-time password.

I have tried with Email authorization; it will add the second step for input security code at WP-Login page.

WordPress 5.0 - Evolution and Revolution

As has been said, the father should understand his son, so I have to choose, I would use Two-Factor from WordPress Team.

In the future, I believe we will have more than four methods; it can be SMS one-time password code or use WordPress Mobile APP to scan the QR code at WP-LOGIN page, who know?

Application Passwords

If you are developing an APP for mobile and interact with WordPress REST API or XML-RPC, you will need this plugin for sure.

Instead of authorizing your APP with the root password, you can create the secure passwords for each application. That will secure your back-end from the hacker or who use reverse engineering technique to read your source code and see your root password, will be a nightmare.

WordPress 5.0 - Evolution and Revolution
WordPress Application Password Management

Application Password is not new to me or someone of you, if you have used Zoho mail, they used Application Password to let you log in to Mail APP like Outlook or Mailbird.

This Application Password Plugin has existed for over nine months, but till now it’s explored and more useful. The reason is WordPress REST API v2 is coming, a lot of APP or Web APP will take advantage of REST API to interact with WordPress platform. It will increase the chance of being hacked by reverse engineering if you use root password. So, time for application password has come!

Content Editing Plugins

Have you been in situations that you have to click “Preview” all the time you make changes to your posts or pages? Have you think we can change page template and see it lively without click “Preview”? Well, the next plugins will maximize your productive and save your clicks.

Customize Posts

Customize Posts is a plugin utilize the selective refresh which was introduced in WordPress 4.5 and Customizer to create the better experience in editing your posts.

If you have been blindly making all the changes and must wait until preview is loaded to see how it’s done. Now you can forget it. With customize Post, you can modify the post meta and post content change see the changes immediately with the customizer.

The old-fashioned flow now will be entirely replaced with Customizer flow, imagine you’re reading your post on frontend then you think you need to edit it. Just click “customize” that the sticky bar, excellent.

I’m excited about how WordPress team arrange the content editor. Logic and suitable, but it will meet a situation when the content too much, users might feel wrapped by the height of editor.

Front-end Editor for WordPress

As usual, front-end editor has existed along with WordPress for a long time; the big guy is dominating front-end editor plugin is Visual Composer for years. On the market recently appeared new front-end editor plugin for WordPress too, but it has no attraction as Visual Composer do

With Front-end editor, you can edit your post right on the page. The way it works just like you use the mobile phone and touch screen. You will select the sentences, then the contextual bar will appear, you select the corresponding action you want, that’s it.

In the comparison to Visual Composer, Front-end Editor for WordPress is lighter and faster. Maybe it’s inherited from Customizer framework. Lighter mean fewer functions. Can’t compare with Visual Composer at this part because VC has a lot of elements and each element will have different settings.

I have a strong belief in this move of WordPress because the job of WordPress is not to create a significant and fully functional but making a platform, where developers can use API, provided functions to make their useful add-on for Front-end Editor.

Background Image Cropper

As you can remember in Customizer of WordPress, you can change the background of your website quickly in 2 clicks. But when it’s too big, you have to crop it manually then re-upload to the library and select the image again.

WordPress 5.0 - Evolution and Revolution
WordPress Background Image Cropper

Not anymore, now you will have a chance to crop your image before it goes live on your site. This is a small action but will reduce significant time in the changing background image flow.

Shortcake (Shortcode UI)

Do you remember how WordPress handle Youtube links? Tweet? Vimeo URL? Yes, it’s the oEmbed function of WordPress, but it’s limited to oEmbed types that are supported by WordPress only.

Shortcake is the extension to oEmbed – dedicated for Shortcode, instead of showing you the tons of shortcode and hard to manage or see how it work, it will render your shortcode right away from content editor.

WordPress 5.0 - Evolution and Revolution  WordPress 5.0 - Evolution and Revolution

It will be useful if you install a WordPress pricing table plugin, or you have a shortcode to divide your content into 2 column, now you can see it in action.

It will be more useful if we combine it with Front-end Editor plugin, so you can both see how your post lively changes and render the shortcode directly.


You already knew it! Facebook added some more responses to someone’s status like “Love”, “Angry”, “Sad”…by emotion icons. Now WordPress can do that too, but with more icons.

WordPress 5.0 - Evolution and Revolution
Emoji WP Reaction

Your post will have something more exciting and eye catching, not so tiresome as we used to!! Well played WordPress!

Shiny Updates

It replaces The Bleak Screen of Sadness™ (example) with a simpler and more straight forward experience when installing, updating, and deleting plugins and themes. Progress updates for these actions don’t add a benefit, they are disruptive and confusing. Shiny Updates deals with these details behind the scenes, leaving users with clear actions and results.

WordPress 5.0 - Evolution and Revolution  WordPress 5.0 - Evolution and Revolution


This is all the new WordPress features, which will be taken into core. It’s really fun and amazing to experience all the new features before everybody else.

All I can say is WordPress is preparing for a really big evolution, from a CMS to a platform. I can’t say exactly that all the features I said above will appear in WordPress 5.0 or next versions, but I believe WordPress team and all contributors is working hard on them to bring you higher, better experience with WordPress.

You can try them all on Beta Plugin page, it’s here.

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