Hillter – Elegant Hotel WordPress Theme

Hillter- Elegant Hotel WordPress Theme

You have owned a high-quality and fully-furnished hotel system BUT how to make it known to more people?How to promote your hotel business in the most effective way? Hillter Hotel WordPress Theme will do it for you. With an elegant design, and advanced-setting features, Hillter will give you the most modern styles with advanced booking system, making sure to impress your customers strongly and satisfy them in the maximum level.

Hillter - Elegant Hotel WordPress Theme

User’s benefit

Hillter has a highly customizable setting, hence you can freely modify the site in your own way without being limited by previewed frameworks. You can also exhibit your beautiful hotel’s shootings in the most visual and appealing way with our Gallery.

The most special thing is that Awebooking – a simple but powerful booking plugin, also allowing you to set up any reservations quickly, pleasantly and easily. Moreover, you can share all information about your hotel to customers through our Blog section.

Customer’s experience


As for your customers, they will be given the first pleasant feeling by just surfing through the page. The theme offers an elegant tone and a clean look. All rooms are arranged in a clear layout with in-depth description including facility and its price, clients are also able to see every side of the room. Therefore, it’s will be easy for them to choose one corresponding with their ability and demand.


On the other side, your customers will be lead to food paradise of your hotel. There, they can see the food menu in the most tempting way. Each course’s sample contains detailed information accompanying with its price, convenient for clients to take into account.


Booking is also an outstanding feature of our theme. After considering which room to choose, then you need to go to booking. Just select your date arrival and departure, room type, the quantity of people and then check availability at the last step.


Hillter Woocommerce Hotel WordPress Theme is one of the most premium theme for Hotel Booking. If you intend to create a website for your hotel business, advertise it in the most optimized and economical way, let’s come and choose Hilter! For more information and options, please see our big collection of themes on this website.

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