Schedule WP All Import with UptimeRobot

Recently I got a task that imports the database of agencies into a WordPress site. At first, it looks easy, turnover it took me a lot of time, for stupid.

The database has 250.000 records, and a standard shared hosting can’t effort to complete the importing in 1 SQL command.

WP All Import – First approach, stupids begin

It’s not the first time I use WP All Import, but yes, very first time to import 250.000 records into WordPress.

At first, it took me about four days to importing all the content. But I don’t have that amount of time, and I have to keep my browser, my computer runs all four days long.

So I think if there’s a way, effortless to run it, without computer run, or browser opens all the time.

Yes, schedule with the cronjob.

Cronjob Nightmare, Uptimerobot rise

On WP All Import has a guide to using cronjob of your cPanel to run the import easily. But when I follow, there’s no effect on that; the cronjob didn’t run.

Schedule WP All Import with UptimeRobot
Schedule WP All Import with cPanel Cronjob

But wait, the import link that WP All Import gave just a link that we can send HTTP request, and it will return the little snippet information of that cronjob. So I think how about if we can send PING every 5 minutes to that processing link?

I came up with UptimeRobot; it’s simply fit my need: send ping request every (minimum) 5 minutes. That’s it.

Schedule WP All Import with UptimeRobot
Use Uptime Robot to Schedule WordPress All Import

And voila, here’s my result

Schedule WP All Import with UptimeRobot
WP All Import Schedule – Import Log

It just saved my time a lot.

Hope that will help you somehow.

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