Best FREE Plugins to Optimize WordPress Database – 2016

Making a site and stopping at frontend looks, is it enough? How about database optimization for your site automatically?

Spam comments, unapproved comments, deleted comments, unused tags, pingbacks, trackbacks, stray shortcodes, old posts, irrelevant approved comments, revisions – all this useless garbage occupies a lot of space and significantly slows the work of the blog.

It litters database, gives extra workload on the hosting, reduces the download speed and decreases a site’s ranking in search engines.

For full reliability, make a backup copy of the site or its database. This preliminary step is vital because sometimes something can go wrong and the user can delete some required data.

This is a list of the best free WordPress plugins that can be used for safe database optimization.

WP-Optimizer – one of the most popular database optimizers.

Best FREE Plugins to Optimize WordPress Database - 2016
wp-optimize database plugin

It has half a million active installs and thousands of positive recalls.

It is intended to optimize the database, delete revisions, eliminate the garbage, remove invalid and spam comments, trackbacks, etc.

The major feature of this plugin is its functionality.

All settings are available on CMS WordPress admin panel. With WP-Optimizer it’s possible to optimize WordPress database in one click, without manual queries.

It shows detailed database statistic.

Sometimes happens, that webmaster mistakenly deletes required options. WP-Optimizer determines active and inactive data.

All hazardous cleaning options are marked in red. If you switch these operations on, further it may cause problems or malfunctions after optimization.

Revisions particularly strongly overload database. These are copies, drafts, which are stored automatically without your permission. That’s a needed data, but not in such an amount. So, with WP-Optimizer, the user can optimize WordPress database automatically by setting certain functions.

Also, you can set the frequency of automatic cleaning. For example, it is possible to specify every week or day, and once per month.

This plugin supports the work on mobile devices.

WP-Optimizer is a multilingual plugin. And this feature also increases its popularity.

The plugin is regularly updated and is compatible with other plugins so no worries about the conflict at all.

Advanced Database Cleaner

Best FREE Plugins to Optimize WordPress Database - 2016
Advanced Database Cleaner

Among current plugins, this one has the highest rating scores. In functionality, it is not inferior to WP-Optimizer.

Advanced Database Cleaner removes unused, deleted, lost and duplicated data in WordPress sites. It removes all the spam comments, unapproved comments, unused tags, unused meta-information from the database.

It has an automatic optimization and backup.

All links are active, and database information is not distorted. It speeds up workflow significantly.


WP-Sweep – another plugin that optimizes WordPress database. It allows remove unused, deleted, lost and duplicated data in user’s WordPress site.

The plugin analyzes your WordPress database and displays a detailed report about garbage.

Plugin’s report is divided into different sections for posts, comments, metadata, users, options, unused terms and optimizing database. So, you can remove unwanted data separately or in batches.

WP-Sweep also provides general optimization of database tables.

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

Best FREE Plugins to Optimize WordPress Database - 2016
Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions is another one multifunctional plugin.

It removes unnecessary posts revisions and cleans all the garbage from site database that makes it easier and faster.

Distinctive feature – specify the maximum number of saved revisions.

In another words, it gives an ability to limit or disable the revisions, so that they will never be formed automatically and will not occupy memory.

Among other functions are – deleting of spammed comments, unused tags, trashed posts, optimization of database tables, etc.

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions can keep a log, but this function is optional.

Scheduler can plan WordPress database optimization for required periods.

The plugin can be used in automatic mode. The user can customize the scheduler for automatic optimization of database without user intervention.


Best FREE Plugins to Optimize WordPress Database - 2016

This plugin performs a very important function – it creates database backup.

As we mentioned above, sometimes webmaster can delete important data. So, this plugin is intended to save your database copy. It is a so-called insurance for site/blog database. A backup of the blog will help keep user’s work in a case of contingency.

Furthermore, WP-DBManager helps not only to manage WordPress database, but also repair it. With its help, the user can delete data and restore it from the backup copy.

The plugin can run SQL-queries from the admin panel.

WP-DBManager creates a backup of the database automatically. It supports automatic scheduling backups, with the ability to send a copy to the specified email address.

Also, it repairs database tables. This simplifies the database work and restores the lost connection between tables, reduces the amount of memory occupied by the database.

When you delete this plugin, created backups will not be deleted, they must be removed manually. They are stored in the backup-db folder.

Plugins Garbage Collector

Best FREE Plugins to Optimize WordPress Database - 2016

That’s a narrow focused plugin, consigned to clean blog/site out of deleted plugins garbage.

Plugins improves WordPress work. But after deleting, some plugins leave their settings in database, waste the space and slow down site’s work.

Plugins Garbage Collector scans database and searches for other plugins garbage. It identifies active plugins and shows which data belongs to deleted plugins. And you decide which settings should stay and which one should be deleted.

It is compatible with other plugins.

Simple Revisions Delete

Best FREE Plugins to Optimize WordPress Database - 2016
Simple Revisions Delete

The Plugin removes unnecessary post revisions.

Simple Revision Delete is not suitable for sites with a large amount of content. It allows user to delete editorial posts and pages only separately.

This makes it convenient for newly-formed sites. Thus, its disadvantage is also an advantage.

The plugin is straightforward and lightweight. It will not overload user’s blog.

Despite its simplicity, Simple Revision Delete has more than 3 thousand active installs and high score in ratings.


The plugins above are updated regularly and have high ratings.

Regular cleanups allow you optimize WordPress database automatically. It will reduce page load time, as well as provide users with the maximum speed of your blog.

Usually, narrowly focused plugins make cleansing process better than plugin with broad functionality. For quality optimization it’s preferable to use different plugins. It helps the site runs at maximum efficiency.

Don’t forget, that a small amount of time that you spent today for optimization will prevent problems tomorrow.

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