WordPress 5.0 – Evolution and Revolution

Is WordPress taking a Revolutionary Step? These Security, Content and Developer Plugins are Pointing Something Big. At this moment, WordPress 4.7 Beta is ready for testing and soon, it will be released after a few commits. But I think we should talk about version 5.0, which I guess will be a huge thing that you never expected. What I’m going to show you can blow…

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WordPress Calypso: Support Post Types – Beta

If you remember the article about WordPress Calypso – A desktop APP to for managing the writing and multisite management becomes much easier. In the post, I have told about Calypso do not support post types and meta box, but it’s changing now. Custom Post Type Supported As stated, WordPress core team is testing by releasing a feature in Jetpack setting, under Writing. When to…

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MailMunch – Another Awesome WordPress Popup Plugin

Being a blogger for years, I came to know keep connecting with your audience is a high tick to build your readership. The most common way is having email subscribers of your blog. It’s the most popular way to keep your audience engaged with your blog by sending your each blog post in their email that urges them to come back to your blog. If…

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WordPress Booking Solution – Ticket and Booth Reservation for Event

How you ever wonder if a WordPress website can have a system for selling events ticket or booth reservation in fair? The answer is yes if you can combine the following free WordPress booking plugin. Take your wonder as a math question; we will solve it step by step. To address the problem, I will divide the subject into two parts: selling tickets in WordPress and…

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WordPress Popup Plugin – Finding the best ones

  The major purpose to use a WordPress popup plugin is remain in contact with readers to your business. A popup subscribes plugin should have the main options as integrate to 3rd service and appear at the right time, right place. It helps you to run email marketing companies and reach to the people who leave their email on the visits. There are several popup…

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Auto Translate WordPress Content

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Recently, I had a chance in working an auto translate WordPress project for a customer; my job was to make the WordPress auto translate the texts on the stores base on customer’s language. That means the user from each country will see the different language. You might think right away about WPML plugin or something like that, but the important part is, that plugin only works when you…

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